Proactive User

Security.  Performance.  Collaboration.  Helping your organization succeed at a high level.


We don’t let malicious software take a foothold in your organization.  We use best in class anti-virus that updates and scans daily.

If malicious code even tries to attempt to run, we will be notified immediately, conduct an investigation and take corrective action to prevent it from happening again.

Part of our security in depth model is protecting your users from being able to navigate to websites that may contain malicious software.

We maintain a blacklist of all the known or questionable websites that exist.  We then block your users from being able to navigate to those sites.

No need to worry about your confidential emails falling into the wrong hands.

We provide email encryption for all of our clients so that they can feel rest assured that their private communications stay private.

Have you ever used the same (or similar) password for multiple accounts?

You’re not alone.  Most people do.  But this a HUGE security risk to  your organization.  Once a bad actor finds out what one of your passwords are, they start breaking into your other accounts.

We help protect your credentials with a secure password manager.  It helps you remember all your passwords so that you don’t have make them all the same or write them down.  It even notifies you if one of them appears on the dark web so that you change it before someone tries to hack your accounts.

This is also a useful tool to allow your employees to securely share sensitive data amongst their team.

We regularly scan all devices on the network to identify any new vulnerabilities, such as unauthorized devices, open ports or software vulnerabilities.

We defend your network by going on the offense before bad actors have a chance to.

The best way to keep your computers from getting infected with malware, is to prevent users from clicking on phishing links in emails.

We provide phishing training and conduct regular phishing simulations to help your employees build an immunity to phishing scams.

Untrained users fall for phishing emails 37.9% of the time.  But after 12 months of training, that number is reduced to just 4.7% (Knowbe4)

Ransomware is the most destructive type of malware that exists.  It can literally take your organization hostage overnight. 

We’ve got your back every step of the way when it comes to ransomware! This is where our security in depth model shines.

Above and beyond the phishing training we provide to help your employees not click on phishing emails (that result in ransomware), we scan all incoming emails for malicious links and attachments.

If the malicious attempt somehow gets past that, it will be met with DNS protection that will prevent your computer from navigating to the malicious site.

And if it gets past that, it will be met with industry leading antivirus which will immediately notify us of the attack.

And if it gets past that, we have redundant back ups of your data so that you will never be held hostage by a would be ransomware attacker.

In a world that is increasing moving towards hybrid work (working from home and the office), company’s need a solution to help protect corporate data off-site.

This is where our MDM and MAM come in.  MDM (Mobile Device Management) is how we control corporate assets that are being used by employees who are out and about.  

MAM (Mobile Application Management) is how we protect your corporate data when you decide to allow employees to access it from their personal devices.  It gives us just enough access to their device to restrict or remove their access to company data.  

A good example of MAM is if an employee’s device does not meet a certain security patch level, they will lose access to corporate data on that device. Likewise, if they jailbreak (hack) their device, they will lose all access.  This will remain the case until that device becomes compliant with our security policies.

Is your business required to retain data for a certain amount of time?  For example, with HIPA or Sarbanes-Oxley?

If so, we take care of this for you.  We can retain your data for as long as you need us to.  We can also put controls in place that will make it impossible for your data to be deleted.  Even by human error or a malicious attempt.

Regardless if your company data is saved on employee workstations or an on premise server, we back them all up.  Redundantly.

As the old adage goes “Two is one, and one is none.”

Data can be lost in number of different ways.  Such as failing hard drives, data corruption, and ransomware.  We help keep you safe from all of these with redundant backups.


No matter how often you need help, we are there for you.  We provide unlimited on-site and remote support.  

If we do our job well, you will find that, over time, you will need less and less help as we proactively remediate the root causes of issues.

We aren’t happy until every technical barrier is removed that is preventing your organization from operating at it’s best.

This is why we continuously monitor every resource on your computers, servers, and network.  If there is a bottleneck anywhere in your technology stack, it will kick off a ticket in our system so that we can proactively take action before the issue slows you down.

Since we monitor your computer performance 24/7, sometimes we find issues that mean that we need to replace some stuff.

For example, if our monitoring system shows that your hard drive is failing, we will proactively replace the hard drive.  Free of charge.

The only limitations to this service is that we do note provide free parts for computers that are older than 5 years, as the computers should be replaced at this point and not repaired.  We also do not cover the cost of major components such as the motherboard.

If you are interested in our Forever Warranty, see our Proactive Equipment section of this page.

We are here for you whenever you need assistance with your line of business software.

If it is hosted on your local server, we will assist with any needed updates as well as troubleshooting issues.

Over time, we will build our knowledge base around your Line Of Business (LOB) software.  This allows us to continually provide a greater level of service.

Not to mention the fact that you can hand off LOB software issues to us, and we will work directly with the vendor to get the issues resolved.  That way you can focus on what you do best.  Your business.

We have seen a big push towards WFH (work from home) and hybrid work (split between home and the office).  Especially after Covid hit.

This is why we are leading the charge in assisting companies in this new way of working.  This has to be done in the right way to help protect corporate data.  We will help you every step of the way.

We are constantly sharpening our skills around deploying new computers with little to no down time.  We strive to achieve a zero touch system called “auto-pilot.”  

This is where we are able to preconfigure computers to automatically install all of your applications, data, and settings when you sign in to your new computer for the very first time.

Life happens.  Sometimes it can’t wait until the next business day and needs to be fixed now.  

We offer emergency after hours support when help is needed in a hurry. 

*This is billed at an after hours rate.


We provide Microsoft Exchange email services that use your website domain.  

That means, that if you are already paying for email service with another provider (or Microsoft) we will migrate your email into our plan so that you can save money and have less bills to worry about.

With your Microsoft Exchange license, you will have unlimited archive storage, encrypted email options, safe attachments and links scanning, and so much more right within the Outlook Desktop and Mobile App (or web browser if you prefer).

Never worry about your Microsoft Office Apps going out of date again.  We keep you up to data with all the latest Office Apps with our Microsoft 365 Business Premium Apps. 

Your employees can install Office on up to 5 devices.

All of this is included in the price of our Proactive User Plan.  

Would you like to be able to send links to co-workers and customers to allow them to book some time on your calendar with you?

Now you can with Microsoft Bookings.  This service is included in your plan.  We will also provide training on how to setup and use this service.

You can set custom time blocks for your invites.  Bookings will look at your calendar and then provide availability based around your previously scheduled calendar events that are within your business hours.

You can also specify if the meeting is remote or in person at a certain location.  If you choose remote, you can add a Microsoft Team’s link to the invite.

There are so many great benefits surrounding Microsoft OneDrive.  With this service you will get 1 TB (terabyte) of cloud storage.

OneDrive also acts as a great backup solution for the important files on your computer.  As you make changes to files on your computer, those changes will automatically and securely upload to OneDrive.  If something happens to your computer, you can sign in on a new computer, and presto!  All your files are available again at your fingertips.

You can also use OneDrive to securely share documents with co-workers and customers.  When sharing you can specify if you want the recipient to have read-only access or full access to the document.

You also have version history with all Microsoft Office files.  This allows you to go back and see, or restore previous versions of the document.  Up to 500 previous versions.

And don’t worry, if you are not currently familiar with OneDrive, we provide thorough training and support.  That way you can get the most out of this service.

Who uses file servers anymore?

Microsoft SharePoint is taking the place of on premise file servers.  With SharePoint, employees can map document repositories directly to their computers.  When a file is updated, it will instantly reflect the change on all SharePoint site member’s computers.

The best part about SharePoint is that it will work from anywhere.  You are not restricted to being on the corporate network to be able to access company files.  It can securely be done from anywhere.  This is conducive to working in a hybrid work environment.

Want to have a better way to quickly and efficiently communicate with the members of your team?  

With Microsoft Team’s you can communicate with team members directly via text or video chat.  You can also create Team groups within the application so that your team members can stay informed about what is happing in your organization that directly affects them.

You can also access other functions of Microsoft 365 directly from Teams.  This way you can have a one stop shop for more of what you do.

Having great tools doesn’t do any good unless you know how to use them.

We will help your employees learn to use Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.  

We provide a group workshop for all three of these products.  This will help your employees get hands on experience with them.  And if, by the end, they are still unsure of how to use them, we provide one on one training as needed.

Proactive Network

Enterprise protection.  No equipment to purchase. Optimized for performance.

As part of our commitment to make tech as turn key and secure as possible, we provide all the latest and greatest network equipment that your office needs.  From the firewall and switches to the wireless access points.  We’ve got you covered.

When the devices near EOL (end of life) we replace them as part of the service.  No extra charge.

*Restrictions apply when the working space is much larger than the typical office for that number of users.

We monitor all aspects of your network health to make sure that you are getting the most out of your network and the internet.

We put automatic triggers in place that shoot off an alert to us when your network goes down or is dropping a lot of packets.  Once that happens, we jump into action.  We diagnose and fix what is causing the issue.

If the issue is with your ISP (internet service provider) we will work with them, on your behalf, until the issue is resolved.

Many businesses have to have ports publicly open to the internet to support their business operations.  When this is the case, we provide Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention services.

Basically what this does is monitor external attempts to get into your network.  If the activity looks suspicious, that public IP address will be blocked from even being able to attempt to access your network.

Our state of the art firewall monitors network traffic flowing through it.  If it detects any malicious code, it will put a stop to it.

This is only one of many ways we protect your network from malicious code being executed within it.

Some categories of websites are not appropriate for the workplace.  We help you block these.

This varies for different businesses.  We can customize this per your requirements.

With DNS (domain name system) protection, we are able to protect your users from accidentally accessing malicious websites.  

We do this by classifying over 99% of the internet’s websites.  If a website falls under malicious or unknown classification, it will automatically be blocked from employees being able to access it.

Usually countries like China and Russia have not business trying to access your network.  

In this case, we are able to block the IP ranges that are associated with those countries.  All of their traffic will immediately be dropped if they try to reach your network.  They will not even be given the chance to forge or bypass authentication protocols.

If you need employees to be able to securely connect to your local corporate network, we can setup client-to-site VPN.

If you need to connect two offices, we can setup site-to-site VPN.

This way your employees always have a secure connection to the office when needed.

You never want to allow guest devices on your corporate network.  This is a huge security risk!  This is why we will setup a guest network for you if you would like for guests to be able to access the internet without being able to reach your company resources.

We can also setup VLANS (virtual local area networks) for credit card machines to help with PCI compliance and for VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones to help with QoS (Quality of Service).

Depending on your internet speed and usage, sometimes we need to optimize your network traffic to prioritize certain traffic types over others.

For instance, if you have VoiP phone (Voice Over Internet Protocol), we will prioritize that traffic over something like a large file download.  

This is because VoiP and video call traffic is very sensitive to lag (or latency).  Whereas, that is much less noticeable for file downloads or video streaming services like YouTube.

Depending on the criticality of maintaining an always-on internet connection, we can set your company up with Dual ISPs (Internet Service Providers).  We then setup the secondary internet connection as a backup source that will kick in automatically if the primary internet source goes out.

We can also configure the secondary internet source to supplement (load balance) the primary internet connection.  That way if your primary internet connection is nearing max capacity, our router can automatically shift some of that traffic over to the secondary internet connection.

*If your company does not already have a secondary internet connection, that can be provided at an additional cost.

Proactive Equipment

Latest Technology. Forever Warranty.  Scale up or down as needed.

Business Grade Laptop or All-In-One

Buying new computers is expensive.  Especially as needs change.

For this reason, we can provide business grade laptops and All-In-One desktops to your employees for a predictable monthly cost.  

You can scale up or down as needed.  That way you never pay for a computer you don’t need.

In conjunction with our Proactive User Plan, our Proactive Equipment is setup to be hybrid work ready.

This means that the device can be taken anywhere with an internet connection and your employees can work securely.

Our ultimate performance goal is to make sure that your employees are never inhibited from working at their best by the technology they use.

This is why, every 4 years, we automatically replace your devices.

This is because computers slow down over time due to the increased computing requirements that modern software puts on computers.

It is also because studies show that after the 4 year mark, computers produce significantly more downtime.  We never want this to happen to your employees, so we replace your computers before it does.

Has something of yours ever broke and you tried to get it repaired through the warranty just to find out that the warranty ran out last month?

You’re not alone.  This is a horrible experience! 

This is why we provide a Forever Warranty on all of our Proactive Equipment.

As long as you are using our Proactive Equipment, you will never be left holding the bag if something breaks.  The device will either be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

As part of our commitment to provide the best customer experience possible, we even cover accidental damage to our Proactive Equipment.

This means that if you happen to drop or spill something on your laptop, we have you covered!

*Limit: 2 Accidental replacements within a 4 year period per user.

Business Grade VoiP Desk Phone.

As employees come and go from your organization, we have them covered with Microsoft Team’s integrated desk phones.

You can add or take away as needed.

The desktop phone and service are both included in a fixed monthly price.  No equipment to purchase.

With this phone solution, we can create multilevel auto attendants with call routing, call queues and voicemail.  This can also be customized for business hours and holidays.

Dial in audio conferencing is also available.

Unlike traditional desk phones, our Team’s integrated desk phones can be taken and used from home with a simple internet connection.

Your employees will also have the flexibility of using their phone service from the Team’s smartphone app or from the Team’s desktop app on their computer.

Talk about flexible solutions!

As technology shifts, we shift with it.  

If these phones start becoming obsolete, or it’s just time to replace them from normal wear and tear, we’ve got you covered!

As with the computers we provide as part of our Proactive Equipment solution, we provide a Forever Warranty on our phones as well.

You should never be left holding the bag if something happens to your phone.

What if your phone drops and breaks?  Wouldn’t be the first time would it?

Let us know, and we will get you hooked up with a new one.

*Limit: 2 Accidental replacements within a 4 year period per user.

Proactive Server

Enterprise Protection.  Application Support.  Disaster recovery.

The old adage goes “Two is one and one is none.”

We make sure that you always have redundant copies of your data.  On-site for quick recovery, and off-site in the case of natural disasters.

Your backups are only as good as the last time they were tested.  We test your backups on a regular basis to ensure that when disaster comes, we’re ready.

What happens if disaster strikes and your server goes down?

It’s important to have a plan in place to reduce or eliminate down time from potential disruptions. Disruptions can be from things as simple as a power outage, or as complex as system failure.

There needs to be a written plan in place to ensure business continuity when it comes to your critical business services running.  We will help you create this and implement it as needed.

It is vitally important to stay up-to-date in regards to security patches for your Server OS (operating system) and LOB (Line of Business) applications.

If this is neglected, you will be unintentionally opening the floodgates to attackers.  Don’t let this happen to your organization.

Are you tired of calling your LOB (Line of Business) application vendor for technical support?

Fear no more!  We will do this for you.  You just tell us what the business problem is and we will work with the software vendor to resolve the issue.

We have experience in many LOB applications from doctors to dentists.  And every time we assist in helping you resolve issues around the application, it grows our knowledge base around it so that we can continually provide a higher and more effecient level of service.

We understand that the world is moving towards the cloud.  It makes less and less sense, over time, to have your LOB (Line of Business) applications and file servers running in house.

This is why we are committed to helping you make the move to the cloud if it makes sense for your organization.

This will allow for more flexibility in your work, and often reduces costs as you will no longer have to pay for server maintenance or upfront capital expenditures related to buying a server.