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How we can help your business:


We keep your data secure to protect
against threats and costly downtime.

Ransomware affects small business:

As of 2019 one in five businesses have been hit by ransomware with the average cost of downtime being $141,000.

This doesn't even include the cost of discovery, investigation, containment, recovery, and reputational damage.
Source: Datto


We keep your computers running fast
to help your staff stay productive.

Slow computers cost your business money:

Did you know that a slow computer will cost your company about $4,125 per year
(or $343 per month) in lost productivity?

That, alone, is much more expensive than our services. Let us help your business start saving money today!
Source: Helion


We provide tools and training that help your staff collaborate—no matter where they are.

Poor communication and collaboration is expensive:

Businesses lose an average of $11,000 per staff member every year due to ineffective communications and collaboration.

Let us help you get some of that back by providing the tools and training that will help your staff work together more effectively.
Source: Matel

Types of businesses we serve:

What people have to say about us:

Based on 8 reviews
WorldFamous Jones Soaps Co.
WorldFamous Jones Soaps Co.
Great customer support and able to resolve multiple company issues and concerns.
Debra Markelonis
Debra Markelonis
I typically do not leave reviews, but in this case, I just have to say how incredible Victory Technology, LLC is to work with. Both Victor and Jonathan are consistently pleasant with a positive attitude and energy that is so refreshing. They go above and beyond to research all issues and provide the best solutions for our needs. With a "can do" attitude and a true desire to provide the utmost in client service, Victory Technology, LLC simply cannot be beaten. Always timely, responsive, and patient, I am grateful for these professionals who get the job done and get it done correctly the first time! You cannot go wrong with Victory Technology, LLC!
Zachary Talbott
Zachary Talbott
Healthcare agencies in the metro Knoxville area will make one of the most fruitful vendor decisions possible by contracting with Victory Technology for their IT systems management and needs. Diligence in compliance with the HIPAA security and privacy rules have been a central focus from Day 1 alongside demonstration of knowledge around more nuanced and specialty confidentiality rules, such as 42 CFR Part 2. Time has been spent to ensure our company’s unique needs and expectations have been met, from their learning about our electronic medical record platform (including helping troubleshoot our connected and related patient mobile app) to exploring phone and fax solutions and helping us understand the nuances between a variety of different Microsoft Office options and products… & much more. Victor has helped us find computers that meet our needs for discounted prices, and he’s never come across arrogant or expected non-IT clinicians to be fluent in IT jargon and minutia. We have never been blamed for issues, and excuses have never been made if something needs to be tweaked or corrected. Full openness, honesty, and transparency has been a noticeable foundation since Day 1. A+
Meridian Baptist Church
Meridian Baptist Church
Our church house had SO many issues going on when we first made contact with Victor, and he has went above & beyond to fix these issues and find good deals on instruments on our behalf to get us into proper working order. Anybody would benefit from working with Victor on all their technology needs, and it's done by a very courteous, respectful, kind, smart (very smart) young man !
Woody Bell
Woody Bell
I have worked with Victor on a professional level and also consulted with him on some issues that I had at home. Victor always listens and makes sure that he understands the problem then he solves the problem. I’ve yet to stump him with a problem that he wasn’t able to solve. I highly recommend Victor and his business.
Mike Garrett
Mike Garrett
I Victory Tech is absolutely the best decision our church has made for our computer, internet, and network. Victor is professional, concerned about our needs, and extremely prompt to address any need we have. I highly recommend Victory Technology! Senior Pastor Mike Garrett Meridian Baptist Church Crossville, Tennessee.
Kathy Peak
Kathy Peak
Victory Technology is very motivated to finding solutions and resolving issues timely to meet the needs of its customers. I really appreciate how attentive they’ve always been. Many thanks for their consistent service!
denise copeland
denise copeland
I’ve worked with Vic both professionally and personally. He is conscientious, sincere, thorough, smart and patient. He’ll answer any questions you have and humbly make sure you understand. I recommend him without reservation.

Our Services

IT Security Assessment

An in-depth walkthrough of where your systems may be vulnerable.
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Scan
  • Free Vulnerability Report
  • Free PDF Guide: Understanding Network Safeguards
  • Walkthrough of IT security best practices with advice on how to improve your network security

Managed IT Services

A custom-made managed service plan to handle your company's IT needs.
Custom Quote
  • Proactive IT Support
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Centralized Device Management

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